Vitamins & Supplements
Vitamin and mineral supplements from Nature's Aid,
the experts in natural health since 1981
Give your body a nutritional boost without the need to consume large amounts of fats or calories.
Check out the range of superfood cooking oils and supplements.
Light up your life with Lytham Candles
Luxury scented candles. Made with coconut wax. Hand poured with love in Lytham.
Lytham Candles have a wide library of beautiful scents to offer.
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Vitamins & Supplements

An extensive collection including vitamin B, C and D. Explore our range of multivitamins and mineral supplements today for more.


For a quick and effective way of benefitting from superfoods, explore natural cooking oils from Natures Aid as well as superfood supplements in capsule and powder forms.

Wild Earth

Wild Earth is the UK’s first specifically designed planet friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable range of vitamins and supplements.

Children's Health Supplements

Our collection of natural children’s vitamins is split into two quality ranges, the Mini Drops range for newborns and children up to 5 years, and the Kidz range for children aged 6 and over.

Probiotic Range

Explore our range of natural good bacteria supplements designed to support health using complementary nutrients.

Slimming and Weightloss

At Natures Aid, we have a wide range of weight management supplements to complement your healthy diet and exercise regime.

Oils & Creams

Shop an extensive range of natural oils available at Natures Aid today, and find luxury products to treat yourself or your loved ones.

Co-Q-10 & Ubiquinol

Co-Q-10 plays a critical role in the cellular ATP (energy) production cycle. Co-Q-10 is found in every cell of your body and is particularly abundant in organs such as your liver and brain.

Yodeyma Fragrances

Discover our wide collection of fragrances for men and wear a new perfume every day.
Discover the quality of these perfumes for yourself, made from the most exquisite and modern ingredients.

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