Comfrey Oil


A natural rubbing oil made using both Comfrey Herb and Comfrey Root.

Comfrey is the common name for the herb Symphytum. Symphus in latin means ‘growing together of bones’ while phyton means ‘plant’.

This has lead to comfrey also being referred to in herbal texts as ‘Knitbone’.

Comfrey has been cultivated since at least 400BC. The Greeks and the Romans used it widely. Its use by Japanese herbalist’s also dates back over 2000 years.

The roots of the comfrey plant contain Allantoin and Rosemarinic Acid, these two compounds are credited with many of the suggested actions of comfrey.

Natures Aid Comfrey Oil is made by gently infusing Comfrey Herb and Comfrey Root in a soothing natural oil, to produce an easy to apply natural rubbing oil.

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